FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD! Countdown To Christmas Calendar, Kid Friendly Craft Project

Click HERE to download my file for FREE on Gumroad.


Gumroad allows me to list my files at $0+ so that anyone can enjoy the design. I appreciate all of my downloads EVEN if you don’t have anything to offer at this time. I am so excited to share more designs with you in the future and I will always appreciate every purchase.

For my non-cutting machine friends: download the PNG and print on your computer then cut by hand!

Printable cardstock: Buy on Amazon HERE.

For my Cricut friends: I flattened all the white text onto the green layer and used printable cardstock. You could also set your Cricut to draw if you wanted a larger project on regular cardstock. I also flattened the black pupils onto the white beard layer so that I wouldn’t have to glue tiny little eyeballs and my white cardstock is printable so it all worked out for me!

Thank you for your support and for shopping small. ❤️

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