If you’re here you probably want the down low on resin supplies you can purchase with Amazon Prime and enjoy in a couple days when that super lightening fast shipping hits and your goodies are delivered to your doorstep.

I wanted to touch on a couple things first. I know that Amazon has a history of selling silicone molds that are made cheap in China and are rip offs from Artists who pour their heart and soul into their mold making. I would never support this knowingly but I usually check Amazon for a mold I’m in search for because I have never been disappointed with quality, the price is always right, and it comes in SO QUICK without charging for shipping. With that being said, I do have a few mold makers who I LOVE and highly recommend. I plan to make an entire post about this in the future.

Linked below is a list of items I have personally ordered from Amazon and found to be good quality when working with resin. I would never recommend a product that I haven’t tested and LOVED. I have ordered plenty of things off of Amazon that SUCK. Maybe I will make an entire post dedicated to things you can SKIP (IMO) when it comes to this art form.
-Keep scrolling for the list of non-Amazon artists/brands I love and recommend as well!


Alcohol Inks: Shop HERE

Squeeze Bottles for Resin: Shop HERE
-I love these! I have a set for every different type of resin I have ever used. I have purchased this set of two 4 times. lol

Crystal Silicone Molds: Shop HERE

Tray mold: Shop HERE

Holo dust (used on the black/white crystals): Multicolored & White

Silicone mixing cups: Shop HERE (Clean these AFTER the resin cures)

Popsicle sticks: Shop HERE

Reusable stir sticks: Shop HERE (Always clean these BEFORE the resin cures)


Peachy Olive Glitters:
-My ONLY glitter supplier.

Milky Rainbow Deco- SILICONE MOLDS:
-Amazing mold artist and designer

Counter Culture DIY- Epoxy Resin:
-Fast Set was used in the videos: I use this resin for practicing with molds and the first 1-2 layers over glitter when making tumblers.
-Art Resin: I use for any project. The first resin I purchased from CCDIY
-Medium Viscosity Art Resin: My favorite for final coats on tumblers.
-Thin Viscosity Art Resin: I haven’t tried it yet BUT I am so freaking excited to. I bet it will be AMAZING for pouring into molds. Have you ever used it? Do you recommend? I would love to hear from fellow resin artists!

Disclosure: This article may contain affiliate links. When you click these links, I may get a small commission. It won’t cost you anything, but it helps me run this site. I only promote products and services that I think are great. I am an experienced crafter with a BSN degree, and I use my experience to judge whether a product is good enough or not.

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