My son and I created this nightlight together. The acrylic piece that comes with the 4 pack is too large to fit into the Cricut Maker but would definitely work for Glowforge users. I purchased a stabilizer and acrylic blank for the nightlight from Zindee.
Shop the nightlights HERE.
Shop the acrylic blanks HERE.
Shop the stabilizer piece HERE.

This CLAMP TRIPOD is so amazing. It is the tripod I won in the July Tripod Challenge with the Jumprope app and I love it so much that I purchased a second one so that I wouldn’t have to move it around as much because it is a MUST have when recording most of my content.
-Shop my Clamp Tripod HERE.

Marble contact paper for your EASY and INEXPENSIVE DIY table makeover!
-Shop my Marble Contact Paper HERE.

Vinyl organization hack: Bag Holders! I successfully organized 60 different rolls of vinyl into 2 bag holders. Like a thrifty BOSS. Snag your set of 2 for $13.99 on my amazon and catch my tutorial for how I organized 2 huge boxes of vinyl into this organized dream that conveniently organizes, protects, and displays my vinyl beautifully! I cleared space on my craft room floor and picking out vinyl is going to be so much less of a hassle!
-Shop them HERE.

These clear acrylic shelves are so perfect for housing my glitter, keeping it organized, and displaying it beautifully. I couldn’t recommend them more. Depending on your glitter stash size they aren’t too pricey. 6 Shelves fits 60 clear square jars.
-Shop my acrylic shelves HERE.

My 10 inch ring light + tripod is my most favorite item in my craft space. As much as we love to craft we love to photograph our work. It is a part of our art. The good thing is it’s under $40 so the cost of better lighting is not that much of a financial investment!
-Shop my ring light +tripod HERE.

Impressart is SO easy to use. Keep your eyes peeled for my tutorial for this one. You will be hooked and ready to try! Stunning, personalized, dainty jewelry. 5 stars!
-Click HERE to shop.

Iron-On projects are SO fun. This SVG (a mix of two actually) belongs to Holli Mostella. You can check out her blog HERE.
-You can check out my favorite items for Iron-on projects HERE.

The Ombre design is printed on waterslide paper. The design was made with my procreate app, iPad, and Apple pencil.
-Shop the waterslide paper (FOR INKJET PRINTERS) I use and LOVE HERE.
-Learn how to half wrap water slide from Jessica Flynn on Flynn Sister’s Boutique YouTube Channel. Check it out HERE.

Sticker paper is so important to have around. I use “label” paper from Amazon. It is AMAZING!
-Shop the label paper I use HERE.
-Shop the transparent vinyl I apply over my stickers HERE.
-Watch my YouTube tutorial on making stickers HERE.

If you’re looking to get started working with resin, or maybe you’re already a resin artist but you’re always making a mess while trying to measure it, you need FIFO bottles. They are great for storing and making pouring into your measuring cups a breeze. I even find filling them to be quite simple. I typically buy resin in smaller volumes to make the transfer easier. If you buy in bulk consider investing in 2 funnels. This made the process a bit messier so BE CAREFUL!
-Shop a pack of 2 bottles HERE. Shop a pack of 6 bottles HERE.
(If you use more than one type of resin, like me, you want all 6!)

My new Apple iPad and Apple Pencil + Procreate App was definitely an impulse buy. I am lucky my husband hasn’t taken control of all our assests because of how much shopping I do! But this was so worth being afraid to tell him I spent more money! LOL Hand lettering is something I have always wanted to get into. If you’re like me, just DO IT already! You won’t regret it.
-Shop iPad 6th Gen HERE.
-Shop iPad Pro HERE.
-Shop Apple Pencil 1st Gen HERE.
-Shop Apple Pencil 2nd Gen HERE.

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